Top o the mornin’ to ya!

There are holidays that we celebrate (and I use the term really loosely) in this country that I’m not sure serve any purpose.  One falls on February 14. The other falls today – St. Patrick’s Day. I’m sure the saint had many good qualities about him (banishing the snakes among them – snakes give me the creeps anyways – something that Indiana Jones and I have in common – so the fewer of them  around the better in my humble opinion) and there’s a beautiful Cathedral in Midtown Manhattan named after him (that I make sure to visit each time I’m there). But really, in this country, the Feast Day of St. Patrick has devolved into parades and drinking. So it’s really useless.  My husband, though, attempted to make corned beef and cabbage and it was absolutely disgusting. Why and how people survived on that rubbish is beyond me.  Never again.


Nate and I went to a birthday party today – it was an ice skating party today. It was held at the Tri-Town Arena in Hooksett.  Nate skated for about thirty seconds and then was done but was asking afterwards about taking lessons. He was very impressed that his friend, Gavin (who was turning five) could skate without help or using one of those walker things and wants to learn so that he can teach Daddy how to skate too.  I’m proud of him for trying but not completely upset that he didn’t want to do more because my ankle wasn’t going to be able to deal with the skating for that much longer. 

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