Sleeping issues

So, I haven’t been sleeping truly well over the last few weeks and I blame stress related issues.  For the whole work week, with the exception of last night, I think that I have woken up at 3 in the morning and have been unable to return to sleep. My mind just churns with things that I need to do, have forgotten to get done and/or am worried about doing. In my most stressful moments, I find that I wake myself up “rehearsing” arguments that have to be made in court, adding up my monthly bills or other really stressful things.  Last night I managed to sleep through the night fairly well, but only because I think that I went really hard in my spinning class and was suitably exhausted by the venture. 


Speaking of which, I’m on a new exercise program. Two days a week, I do a 45 minute long intense spinning class which gets my heart rate really high but is low or no impact.  The other three days, i’m doing the couch to 5K running program – so three days a week, I do a guided running workout. I have an app installed on my IPod, which allows me to play my own music and will prompt me to run and then walk in intervals. It really hurts my ankle at times – it will throb all night after the workout so I end up having to ice it and take a Tylenol before bed.  I want to do a Saturday spinning class too, but am on the fence, because the body needs rest days when training. This weekend I’m taking completely off though because my parents are in town. 

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