The week before vacation (and other assorted reasons I’ve been MIA)

So, the week before and the week after vacation are the worst weeks ever, I’m convinced.  The family is going to Florida for 10 days. We are driving down to Boston on Wednesday and spending the night there because we have an early flight out the next morning (via Jet Blue. Thank goodness for satellite TV). But in preparing for vacation, there are a ton of things to take care of:

  1. At work, it means not only dealing with the post jury catching up, but making sure that things that need to be covered have coverage requests in and continuing other things that can be continued. Because I had a jury trial all last week, where I was in court from 8 until 5 most days, it is really like I will be on vacation for 2.5 weeks (4 days of jury trial and then about 8 days of real vacation) because when I’m in trial, I am focussed only on the trial.
  2. doing massive amounts of laundry so that I can pack for myself and two children.
  3. Making lists and checking them twice so that I don’t forget anything (and something will be forgotten). 
  4. Getting a pedicure (which will be fun), getting my hair cut (also fun) and going to doctors (not as fun).
  5. Making sure that I have cat sitting in place (anyone know of any?). 
That being said, I can’t complain because on Wednesday night, we are staying here and on Thursday, we will be here. For 10 days.
 Yesterday, Nate and I went for the first hike of the season because it was so beautiful. We went to Miller State Park and hiked Pack Monadnock. Nate did really well, as you can see:

In this pic, he’s all “was sup mom?”
And this one:

On the way back, we saw this car, which Nate thought was really cool and called the “pirate car” because the stick shift had a skull on the top (which you can’t really see from this pic).


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