I have a secret…

…ok it’s not really a secret. I like to share my opinions of the reality stars on tv currently – particularly any of the current or former RHOC or RHNY. Right now, I’m going to pass my own opinions on Bethenny Frankel. Not don’t get me wrong, obviously the woman has brains and panache – she has her own business and is independently wealthy. She also managed, apparently, to get through a rough patch with her family, which I’m not certain I will ever know completely about.  That being said, she’s someone that I don’t envy – she’s insecure and a complete snob, like the women she was with on RHONY.  She comes across as entitled and like she’s better than everyone, like the other women that she filmed with. And she seems like the type that is completely demanding. So it’s no secret that her marriage is on the rocks because she married a man that was the same way.  :-/ And if this story is correct (and really, who knows whether the gossip is correct or not although one’s instincts are generally right on), then maybe the infidelities are catching p. 10K a month though? Man!


One thought on “I have a secret…

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