Totally bt I’m coming out of hiding.  Starting on Monday I am starting a new job that I’m really excited about but which I will not talk about at all, consistent with my own personal policy: don’t talk about work and don’t post anything that your mom shouldn’t see. 😉 

Anyways, I saw this article on the Huffington Post, which is  generally left leaning collection of blog posts from everyone from Alec Baldwin to Seth Abramson, a poet and former Public Defender that used to work in the office with me. This particular article talks about the daddy divide and the mommy wars.  I think that they essentially have to go hand in hand.  If we want mothers, particularly moms that work outside the home, to be equals in American society, then I think that the roles of fathers must change as well (and obviously I’m talking about heterosexual, middle and upper middle class families – I realize that my analysis wouldn’t necessarily hold up if we were talking about different socioeconomic classes then the one that I’m in – mixed race, upper middle class, where I have just as much if not more education then my spouse in a white collar job). I also think that the way that our society views father’s roles has to change as well and must evolve into something where men that stay at home aren’t looked at askance if they stay home when their female partner goes into the workforce as the breadwinner.  Just my humble opinion.

I do love summertime particularly in New Hampshire. The farmers’ markets are kicking it into high gear which means I’m getting fresh, local produce (including eggs, milk and meat) and I know where everything is coming from.  The family and I go for hikes a lot locally, which means we’re only spending money on the gas that it takes to get to the state parks and for parking at the parks (which is like a few dollars and is highly affordable). My tomatoes are WONDERFUL and are coming along nicely with lots of blossoms, few moldiness and no parasites (so far).  Camping, fireworks and running outside. The ice cream man.  So nice.  Love it!


5 thoughts on “MIA

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  2. Hurray for summer! My tomatoes are growing beautifully, too…if this heat spell we’re having in Illinois doesn’t kill them! I’ve been watering like crazy.

    Congrats on the new job! I have the same blogging policy. 😉

  3. Hi there, just found your great blog thru a “Top 6 Mom Podcasts” list that you put up back in 2008. This is probably a shot in the dark but I actually am searching for a podcast that I came across the other night and cant seem to find it again… In the episode I was listening to moms were talking about the “Sh***y Should List”. Do you know what podcast this is? Im so sorry to bother you but it seems like you know your momcasts! Hope you don’t mind! Thanks so much!!!!! Julee

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