I have to say, hiking is one of the many things that moving to New Hampshire has introduced me to.  On the first day of orientation for my first job here, we went on a hike on Mt. Moosilauke in Benton, NH. It was my first hike. I’m not kidding. My first hike was a 4,000 footer. And I think that I nearly died. However, I did it again – not that one, bt I did Mt. Monadnockthe summer before I got pregnant with Gabby.  That’s not a 4,000 footer – it’s 3, 165 I think. I really want to do a hiking trip with the kids when they’re older. Before then I want to do some day hikes with them. We’re going to one near Manchester on this weekend and I was thinking maybe one afternoon seeing if I were able to take off to do the shortest of the 4000 footers. Anyways, here’s a picture or two from the weekend.


The names of the ridges are below:


I also really liked this one:


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