So I solo’ed …

So I solo’ed Mount Waumbek on Saturday. It was *really* hot – very, very humid and I was glad that I started hydrating on Friday because otherwise I would have completely fainted on the way up. Coming down isn’t as bad for me – it’s actually easier on my legs and knees surprisingly. I left early from my home – i was on the road by 7 and got to the trailhead at about 9:30.  I got a little bit lost finding the trailhead, not realizing I had to go down Cottage Lane to get to Starr King Trail – both of which are unpaved, packed gravel roads.  Once I figured it out, the trailhead was really easy to find:



As I was hiking, I found a few of these as well:


This hike is a pretty moderate hike – harder then Tecumseh but the views are better. I’m not sure which one I will do this upcoming weekend. Possibly Mount Moriah or Moosilauke or something a little closer to home.  Who knows.  I was solo because the family was in New York. They were coming back today (they’re not home yet but should be shortly) and so I had nothing else to do but this.  I couldn’t go with them because I had to work…


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