There’s been a lot that’s happened lately.  My in laws were here last week and my mother in law, son and I went on a hike. We did Mt. Pemigewasset, which is in the White Mtns, in Lincoln:

ImageThe weather, as can be seen, was perfect. It wasn’t too hot or too cold and it wasn’t a hard hike by any stretch; however the views were still magnificent;


ImageMy son loved it, as can be seen here:

ImageWe’re going to do Bald Mtn. and Artist’s Blff tomorrow and I am hoping that we can do some swimming at Echo Lake while we’re there OR take the tram to the top of Cannon Mtn. What with the days getting shorter, and with obligations pertaining to family life making their presence known, I have less and less time to do the 4000 footers. However, I am getting more time to do things like indoor cycling with new friends (helping me to get in shape for next season!) and soccer.


Speaking of soccer, I’ve been getting more involved with it than I imagined that I ever thoght that I wold have been. Nate is playing this year and I agreed to coach.  I went to a clinic earlier this week with the coaching director of the NH Soccer Association and it totally triggered memories of my time in ODP soccer.  So it prompted me to talk about it the next day, which led to me helping at tryots for a local high school soccer team. Then I went to a meeting for my son’s soccer team and that led to me deciding that I wanted to get my coaching licenses and get to at least the level where I’m licensed to coach high school soccer. Crazy.  However, the way I look at it, I’m doing something that I love doing and teaching other people abot it.  I worry abot people getting somewhat crazy abot it though!


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