Life’s business

So, I’ve been very, very busy the last few weeks.  Our Saturdays, at least the past two, have been taken up with this:



And also with this:



We’ve also been looking at views like this:

ImageI’ve been working many hours at the new job and generally enjoying it.  I’ve also been doing a lot of hiking, some writing, much spinning and some reading.  I am becoming drawn in by biographies lately and have just started reading the Steve Jobs biography. I think my next one might be about Catherine the Great.  


This weekend looks to be a busy one and hopefully one where I start to feel better. I have a cold right now, care of my children.  It doesn’t feel too bad, but it’s in my chest a little bit and clogging my ears, so I need to take a pretty decent decongestant.  I’ve up the sinus rinses and the steroid spray to twice a day to make sure that I keep my head open, but the post nasal stuff makes me cough.  And I feel tired all the time. This weekend we have another soccer game and the Highland Games.  Being involved in soccer reminds me of what it was like to play soccer when I was younger and i want to work on my coaching licenses…

I promise to update more – when I have a bit more energy. I want t think a bit more about the whole mom in chief thing that seemed to come out of both the Republican and Democratic conventions….and then post about them.


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