…finally! Fall means the cooler weather and the trees changing colors and apples and apple pies and all of that good, stuff. It means football games (even with refs that are replacement and who are absolutely awful), apple cider, chili, pumpkin beer and hot tea at nights. It means that there are new seasons of shows that were off for the summer and new shows period.  I love this time of year.

It also brings up memories of one fall, when I was in law school.  I used to drive to Boston once or twice a month to see my husband, who was living there while I was finishing up school. One weekend, we bought tickets to do one of those haunted graveyard tours.  We went at night, which was perhaps the best time to go. Those graveyards aren’t lit, although you often got enough ambeint light from the surrounding buildings and streetlights. We were at the graveyard that is across from Suffolk University School of Law on Tremont Street, near the Park Street. T-stop. We were brought into the cemetery and the guide started to tell us the stories and then realized that there was an unauthorized person or were unauthorized people in the graveyard and so, while still in character, started yelling at those people. Anyways, the people stood up and let’s just say, they were in a manner that was less than appropriate for walking around in any company, let alone polite company.  The people had, I assume, been on the tour – an earlier one – had broken away from the group (which would have been easy to do – no attendance was taken in between stops) and stayed at the graveyard so that they could rendevous with each other in the presence of ghosts. Ewwwww…..


3 thoughts on “Fall!

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