Last hike of the season



Fall and winter are my absolute favorite seasons of the year. I love the colors of autumn (as evidenced above) and I love skiing and snow-shoeing and snow (hence the love of winter).  And I shouldn’t lie – the first freeze and the winter helps me with my allergies.  Today, I brought Gabby on a hike with me – it’s our last of the season in all likelihood and today was still pushing it weather wise. It was gray and really cold and Gabby was miserable.  Thankfully, it didn’t rain – it was just cold. We did Mount Pemi, which is one I did over the summer with Nate and my mother in law, but I wanted to do it again because the views that it afforded.  I brought Gabby with me:

ImageI still have a hard time getting beyond the fact that there are people that go up there that shouldn’t be going up there.  For instance – lady pushing baby stroller. No kidding. WTF?


Last week, there was a story about a Maine Democrat who came under attack for having a World of Warcraft alter ego and how it’s supposedly a bad thing. Once I heard this news, quite frankly, I would have probably voted for this woman if I had lived in Maine.  In the first instance, I play the same game that she does (and I’m not ashamed to say so) – I play in a guild that is comprised mostly of mothers that have children around the same age as my children and some of whom work full time outside of the home (so we have a support system and a stress relief at the same time!). There are also burgeoning studies – one study says that World of Warcraft enhances the cognitive skills of seniors – if that’s the case, what does it do for people like me?! I just think that it’s really silly to hook into something like this and I don’t mind that a rep of mine would play a video game to relieve a little stress, particularly where there is no reason to think that she’s shirking her duties in order to grind to a new level. 


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