New bathroom please!

So, in his infinite wisdom, my husband is re-doing our upstairs bathroom.  This means that the toilet and sink upstairs are out of commission although the shower/bath tub are still in commission.  Here’s what it looks like now:


ImageImageI try to tell myself that the fact that my bathroom has been completely torn apart is just a minor inconvenience because in the end, I will have a bathroom that is and will be so much nicer then the one that I had previously. You know, the one that looked like it hadn’t been re-done since 1972 and kinda looked like this:

Imagebut not as =nice by any stretch of the imagination because the previous owners of the house hadn’t touched it since then.  But I also still can’t wait to have a completed bathroom upstairs to make things a bit more convenient. At least I don’t have to go outside to an outhouse though right?!  😉


I am reading the most amazing book right now: IQ84 andI can’t wait to review it. I think that it might take a little bit to get through it though because it’s a big book and I want to savor it as much as possible.  The translation (it was originally published in Japanese) is fantastic so far.  

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