We Survived

…Hurricane Sandy with a loss of power for a few hours and this:


It’s a downed tree – only one – and it’s still in my backyard.  ::sigh:: I guess that I shouldn’t complain though because we have snow today and the trials and tribulations that we dealt with are nowhere near what my family and friends are dealing with in NY right now.  

I’ve been taking it easy because I haven’t been feeling well. Last week, Gabby was sick – she had what everyone else seemed to have: a cold that became croup and which was given, very generously, to me and which proceeded directly to my ears and sinuses, clogging me up. I was SURE that my eardrum was going to pop but it didn’t and I’m feeling better, but working on getting enough sleep. I find that when I’m sick with a cold, I can’t sleep because of the cold and I end up sleeping a lot on the back end of things. 

Anyways, more substance later. I’m also thinking of getting into podcasting again but would really like to find a good, podsafe and free music site.  Any ideas would be appreciated.



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