The days are getting shorter…



but we get great views.  I took that picture on Friday night at around 4:30 in the evening.  About 15 minutes later, it was pitch black out. In some ways, I like it – I don’t mind the cold because it means skiing and snow shoe-ing; however, the short days tend to wear on me. I hate waking up and leaving for work with it being dark out and then coming home in the dark also. I can see how this time of year, going into January and February, can make people feel down in the dumps.  i’m hoping that staying active will help me avoid that this year.  Being sedentary doesn’t help.


Keeping busy with hobbies in addition to being physically active also kind of helps me with the winter blues.  I finally got my podcast onto ITunes. I’m using Libsyn at the advice of some of my podcasting friends and they’re wonderful so far. Because I’m no longer using Blog Talk Radio, that feed is no longer going to work so use the link above to subscribe.  I’m also looking for some podsafe music to play occasionally, so songs are much appreciated. 


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