Thanksgiving Eve

I have such wonderful memories of Thanksgiving and Thanksgiving Eve, even when it involved me getting lost at the tender age of 5 in Times Square in NYC during the Thanksgiving Day Parade.  When I was in High School, a local movie theater would offer great deals on movies that they were showing on Wednesday nights. You could pay like matinee prices for an evening showing so I ended up seeing a lot of good movies with friends on Wednesday nights before Turkey Day. 

One year – it was either 84 or 85 because my sister was still really little – my dad, uncle and his then girlfriend brought me to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. My family was going to be coming over to our home for dinner but my dad I guess thought it would be a good idea to bring me there.  So we went – it was only like 45 minutes at most by train from where we lived just outside of the Queens border. We got there and somehow got to Time Square – I don’t know how since I was like 5 after all. Somehow I got to the front, by the wooden trolley horses that the police often put up in NYC.  I turned around and was able to see my dad standing in the crowd. We had left my uncle and his girlfriend a little bit behind.  Like five mintues later, I turned to look back and I didn’t see him. Being a stupid five year old, I left the spot that I was in and started wandering back to where I had last seen my uncle and his girlfriend. They weren’t there, of course.  I kind of panicked but didn’t freak out. I went up to a woman pushing a baby carriage. I must have told her that I was lost because she managed to get a police officer over to talk to us and he was just beginning to talk to me when my dad and uncle came up. I’m sure that my mom was PISSED for weeks to come.  Anyways,  happy Turkey day! 


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