Thanksgiving, belated

I hope that you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. I’m sorry for the belated post but things have been busy here.  I cooked for my own immediate family – I made everything except for the stuffing.  On the menu was the Turkey of course, we had sweetly spiced carrots, roasted butternut squash, cranberry sauce, asparagus, stuffing and two pies.  Here’s what it looked like:



This may surprise you, or it may not, but it was only my second time ever cooking a fully turkey dinner on my own.  The  first time that I actually cooked Thanksgiving dinner on my own was the month after Gabby was born and it was nearly impossible to make. It almost didn’t happen – the question that I asked was who knew that Turkeys had an up and a down (and it has nothing to do with where the head or the feet are!).  This one was much smoother in the sense that it wasn’t my first time and I had half a clue – which was half a clue more than I had the last time. I was still very much exhausted after cooking and went to bed at around 6 with a splitting migraine/sinus headache. I woke up the next morning at approximately 5:30 and headed out shopping. My first stop were the Merrimack Premium Outlets, which proved to be dead:



I got there during the eye of the storm so to speak. After speaking with some of co-workers and a few of the sales associates who helped me, I learned that people were there at around midnight and that there were lines all over the place.  I was there after the hardcore shoppers and before the normal people.  I guess thatI’m somewhere in between the two extremes – probably where most people fall. 

I then went to the Pheasant Lane Mall, which presented more of a challenge because I got there at around 8 or 8:30, and by then the eye had passed.  There were people everywhere, including a nasty woman at Bath and Bodyworks, who blocked two sets of cash registers and literally elbowed me in the ribs when I said excuse me and handed my debit card over her shoulder to the cashier that was helping me.

I still had my sinus headache/migraine at the time and was feeling like my head was stuffed with cotton. I was worried that I was developing a sinus infection butI absolutely refuse to go to the doctor before 7 days have gone by unless I get progressively worse – meaning fever or ear pain – and I had neither but I was still feeling pretty groggy so I was in a particularly good mood. I got a lot of gifts out of the way – but I also have to say that I have a new found skill, so some of you will be getting handmade items this season even ifI have to stay up to all hours to complete them!

That day, we also built this:

ImageIt came from a box so don’t get your panties in a wad that I’m Suzie Homemaker or something. 

That’s where I’ve been!  I’m going to record another podcast or two but you probably won’t see them for a week or two because I’m attempting to get Libsyn to give me more storage space.


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