Weekends are always really busy here and this weekend is no exception.  Just a bit of what we have planned:

  1. Get Christmas tree and decorate it;
  2. Begin to wrap Christmas presents;
  3. visit with Santa; 
  4. Retirement party on Sunday that is a pot luck; 
  5. Grocery shopping;
  6. podcast recording because I won’t be able to during the week.
  7. Running at least one day. 

And did I mention also that I want to sleep in one of those days? And read. I’m reading a fascinating book about the Czech Republic during WWII, as told by Madeleine Korbel Albright. It’s fascinating. I was a history major in college and focused almost exclusively on WWII through the Vietnam era, so this is particularly interesting. I’m enjoying it so far. If anyone has any recommendations for other books from that era (excluding Anne Frank’s Diary) please let me know.


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