Missing teeth, snow and other musings

ImageWe had our first snowas you can see. The snow brought with it a number of its own firsts. It was the first of the new year. Nate and Gabby both went sledding for the first time. There is a pretty good sledding hill by our house – here. It took Nate awhile to get the courage to go down the hill.  He was so esitatnt that i absolutely had to suck it up and go sledding too. It was fn and reminded me of the times that I would go sledding down Severance Green at night with a tray from the cafeteria as my sled.  We could always get so far on those things. Gabby on the other hand was completely gung ho about going down the big hill – we would only go about halfway up with her and have her sit on our laps as we went down.  She’s my daredevil.

Nate also lost his first tooth on Thursday. It’s been loose for a while but popped out Thursday and he was so excited about it. 




One thought on “Missing teeth, snow and other musings

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