Winter is here

and isn’t going anywhere soon:



That happened earlier this week and I particularly liked the contrast between the red and the fresh whiteness of the snow. I think that this may be my crunchiness coming out.  The next day, I particularly enjoyed driving to work because I kept getting distracted by how pristine and quiet and beautiful everything looked with the fresh snow on it.  It just looked clean and bright with the sun shining off of it.  I didn’t like driving in it the day before though, and they hadn’t cancelled or delayed school so it was a complete mess driving into work, but I appreciated it the next day and I’m sure that I will appreciate it tomorrow…


because tomorrow my son and I are going skiing together for the first time. We aren’t going far – literally just up the road – but I didn’t want to drive forever to get somewhere and spend a ton of money if he was going to be miserable so we’re staying relatively local. I’ve scheduled a lesson for him – a private lesson – and the rental, lift ticket and lesson is only like $75 which isn’t awful all things considered.  I hope that he likes it and while he’s learning, I will get an opportunity to ski on my own and then maybe spend some time with him on the kiddie slopes practicing what he learned in the lesson.  the area isn’t crazy big – it’s perfect for le arming.


Winter is a rough time here in New England. It’s snowy and cold and gets dark so much earlier than normal. I completely understand now how people can get depressed during this time of year – particularly if they are in work during the daylight hours and work in an office where they’re not outside or see sunlight. They wake up in dark and they go to work in the dark or as it is just getting light and they leave for home as it is getting dark or is dark already. It’s hard to get motivated to do anything or to find the energy to do anything apart from going through the motions. 


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