Skiing Success!!



On Saturday, my son and I went skiing – nothing crazy I swear! We went to the McIntyre Ski Area in Manchester, NH.  It’s really small – two of the magic carpet tows (see above, with my son on it) and one chair lift. Maybe a total of three trails max and a terrain park.  Perfect for him to learn how to ski for a fairly small amount. His rentals (including helmet, boots, skis), my lift ticket and a 60 minute private lesson were 100.00, not bad all things considered.  While he did his lesson, I had my fill of skiing:


ImageIt was my first time out since I shattered my ankle about 2.5 years, nearly 3 years ago now (3 years come April). My ankle felt great, thanks in no great part, to the boots, which keep your ankles from moving in any way shape or form. 

I think that my son had a great time.  Before he even got there, he was excited. He was up at the crack of dawn and begging me to hurry up so that we could get out the door. It didn’t take us that long to get there. When we got here we paid and got Nate into his rentals. He had such a hard time maneuvering in the skis but we got him to his lesson. By the time that we left, he was able to go down a portion of the bunny slope without grabbing onto me for dear life and without falling down to stop, which was a plus. 

But what absolutely and truly made my day was how much fun he had.  He loved it and was begging to be able to come back again. He wanted to go on the chair lift (but wansn’t ready for it yet) so I promised that we could come back so that he could practice until he was good enough to go down the chairlift.  I am one of those people who absolutely love skiing.  I love being outside in the cold, fresh air skiing down the hills – it helps to relax me and it helps me to think more clearly about everything – from the things that bother me and my problems to the things that I love and my goals. It gave me so much…joy…to think that at some point I may be able to share something that I love with my son.  So psyched to try again. 




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