So, over the weekend, we hosted a birthday party for our son at Nuthin’ But Good Times in Merrimack, right near the Bedford, Merrimack border. It is, as you can probably tell from the website, it is essentially an indoor playground replete with slides, climbing areas, obstacle courses, bouncing balls and a crawler area and toddler area for smaller children and toddlers.  It’s absolutely brilliant – whoever thought that it was a good idea to have an indoor play area like this in New England (and I’m assuming other cold climates) is probably making a ton of money because when there’s snow on the floor, I as a parent, totally need to let my kids run somewhere. It’s good for them and helps expend energy blah blah blah. Anyways, we had the party there and invited a lot of kids from Nate’s daycare class. Gabby of course was there.

I was pretty impressed with the setup, although it was a struggle to keep my brain from imagining the germs that infested the area.  Thankfully, before we ate, the kids and parents all washed hands. I had a good time but there were a few things that I noticed:

  • The different parenting styles absolutely fascinated me.  There were the parents that were completely laid back and hands off (as much as a parent can be) and utterly relaxed. Then there was the other extreme: the parent that was all intense and up on their kids’ stuff as if not being up in their stuff and not being a helicopter parent was going to harm their child more than one little skinned knee would.  I like to think I’m somewhere in between, but it was interesting to see how it all went down
  • My children have utterly different personalities and I don’t know where they came from. My son is very cautious and very thoughtful before he does anything. He is also, apparently, petrified of heights and spent most of his time going up and down this one section that wouldn’t require him to actually acknowledge that he was hight up near the ceiling of the building. My daughter on the other hand, was dead set on climbing up EVERYTHING that her brother wouldn’t and also insisted on going down the biggest, and fastest slides that the place had to offer. 

On the whole, it was a good day. The most awesome part was that my son’s experience was memorialized to some degree (at least until they paint it over):



I’m still really getting in touch with my crunchy, granola side (as if I weren’t before, but more so now).  I have been reading a lot of peakbagging/hiking books and am currently reading a book about a set of sisters that decided to hike the Appalachian Trail southbound from Maine through Georgia. I also just finished reading about a mother that took her daughter on all 48 four-thousand foot mountains in New Hampshire (and which I will review shortly) – I’m using the books not only as diversion but as motivation and I think that I have an exercise schedule planned out to train.  On Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursday, I will do my most intense exercise with spinning on all three days (double sessions on Wednesdays with 5:30 AM class and 8:15 PM class). On Mondays, I will go a little easier and do elliptical/weight training and Friday, probably yoga.  Saturday will be a pick your own physical activity – it can be snowshoes, or skiing or a run until it’s time for hiking season, where that time will be replaced by hikes. I can’t wait.  I really want to do some overnight hiking this season. 


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