Living in New Hampshire

I never thought I would end up living in the Granite State – home of the Free Stater and the motto “Live Free or Die.”  Ever since I went to school here:


I wanted to live in New England.  However, at the time, my goal was to return to Boston or the Boston metro area.  I fell in love with the ity of Boston – maybe because it was the right place at the right time. I was a college student in a college city; a liberal in the bastion of liberalism. It was a place where I felt safe and which had a ton of culture and and was healthy.  It was a nicer city, albeit a less diverse city, then New York in the sense that the buildings didn’t feel oppressive as I walked through the streets. I loved how I could find a good combination of independent businesses and corporations and that there were alwasy free lectures and other things going on.  I loved going to baseball games at Fenway, although I have to say that the outright hostility against NY’ers sometimes got me scared in addition to mad and I liked concerts at the Hatchshell and running on the Charles during the summer, spring and fall (andHead of theCharles!!!). And if we lived there now, or in the suburbs of Boston, things would be extremely different for us – my children would grow up navigating the T with me and going to the wonderful Boston Public Library. The access to other museums would be at my fingertips.

However, I ended up moving here instead:

ImageWell, not to the mountain exactly but I live in  New Hampshire. I first moved to the extremely rural North Country. I moved to an apartment in Littleton and my system was shocked. I was used to NYC, Boston and Syracuse (where I spent the three years immediately before moving to NH). Littleton was a complete shock to the system, however, I grew to love it and with that love, I grew to love what NH is actually all about.

i like being independent and being able to make up my own mind about things, after doing what I think is sufficient due diligence and research. I love that I cna hike and ski and snowshoe in a place that has a ton of nature and open space. At the same time, I can go down into Boston and get there by about 45 minutes in my car – more if there’s traffic though. And we have access to fresh vegetables and to farms, even in winter, so that we can be healthy.  




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