…is hardly a good name for a storm that managed to do this to us when it struck last week:



As you can see, the snow was piled up pretty high.  It didn’t really start snowing until Friday in the early evening hours, but snowed pretty steadily until the middle of the next morning, leaving us with a good two feet of snow. The snow, luckily, was the light and fluffy kind of snow, so it made it easy to plow out but wasn’t so good for snow balls. It was good, however, for this:

ImageThe kids and Izzy built a pretty rocking snow fort in the front yard that even included a crawl space:



The night after, Saturday night, I woke up with a raging fever and felt like I was swallowing razors.  That’s always fun.  I felt like I had been battling a cold for a few days before – my nose hurt on the inside and I had the usual gunk coming out.  I woke up Sunday feeling very lightheaded and weak.  I crazily attempted to go into work to do paperwork but nearly vomited into my trash bin so I turned around and left.  That afternoon, I went to Urgent Care because I wasn’t feeling any better and was, in fact feeling worse.  In fact, when I got there, I was starting to spike a fever again. I had a hacking cough and was still swallowing the razor blades and I had aches.  I thought for sure tha tI had succumbed to a plague that no one had a name for and which was an amalgam of the plagues that had been making their way around work. Anyways, the MD took one look in my throat and was like “Holy Cow” – apparently, one of my tonsils was sreally swollen. And lo and behold I had the beginnings of a strep infection in my throat and a wickedly nasty sinus infection, so now I’m on an antibiotic.  That night, Sunday into Monday, I had a fever still so I stayed home and tried to get better.  I went to work on Tuesday feeling very light headed – nearly passing out in court.

I am feeling better in the physical sense, although this week tried me in other ways too. My laundry machnes broke and I’m not in a position to really invest in a good one for another few months.  I DID take my kid skiing at Pat’s Peak yesterday and we both ahd a great time. Pat’s Peak is my local mountain – nothing crazy but really good for learning to ski and for me to just have some fun while the kid was in his program. I would go again just to see a view:



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