Where Have I Been?

Missing!!! And insanely busy and on the tale end of a cold that I’m praying isn’t a sinus infection (but which I’m fairly sure is considering that my sinus area has a ton of pressure and I have yellow boogers pouring out of my nose – not that you wanted to know). Nearly two Saturdays ago I woke up with a cold and it was my birthday no less.  My family gave me the best birthday ever – we went to The Cheesecake Factory at the Burlington Mall (it’s the nearest Cheesecake Factory to us and I had a hankering for it, I  must say). For lunch, I had the BEST kale salad ever – it combined almonds, kale, cranberries and apples and was really fresh.  I was pleasantly surprised because over the summer, I had attempted to sautee kale and serve it as a side dish to some grilled chicken, but it didn’t work out.  I’m totally going to attempt this salad this summer because it was totally yummy. Of course, we had cheesecake afterwards. Afterwards, we went to the Lego Store (more for the kids than me, although I nearly talked my way into a really great set of Legos – the architecture series are my thing totally).  Then we went to Barnes and Noble, where I ultimately got my gift – Emily Bazelon’s new book on bullying.

While there, I performed my good deed of the day.  As I was walking into the children’s section to find my family – my husband had graciously taken them while I got lost – I felt a tug on my sleeve and I totally thought that it was one of my kids…until I turned and saw a little girl – she was probably 7 or 8 – and she was crying and mumbled that she had lost her dad.  I brought her over to a sales associate, who I think helped her to track down her dad.  Karma points.

So I’m still alive (barely) and fighting with the sinus infection (barely) and going back to the doctor probably tomorrow to get wicked good meds but until then, I’ll have a glass of wine and relax with a good book. 


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