My top five Pixar Movies…

…or why John Lassiter is the man.  I swear, Pixar movies are just awesome in general.  The quality of story is something that they consistently have down pat.  However, among the many movies that they’ve come out with, I definitely have my top five and the wonderful thing about having children is that I can watch them over and over and over again without embarrassment. So, here is my list, with my favorite in the number one slot:

1. Brave – Set in the Scottish highlands and stars a female lead, Merida, who is really good at archery and who is struggling against the tradition that says that she, as a princess is only good for marrying into another clan’s leading family. As she struggles, she consults with a witch and ends up having to reverse a curse. I liked it because the heroine is different from some of the other Disney princesses that are out there – she’s more self-reliant and shows how some people don’t fit into “normal” and how that ends up being ok.  I also like how it deals with mother/daughter relationships when each are very different from one another and hold different goals.

2. Up – The first ten minutes. Need I say more? Those of you who watched it know what I mean.

3. Wall-E – follows the story of WALL-E, a robot whose job it is to clean up an Earth that is just covered with so much trash, that they trash has been moved into orbit from outer space. I loved it because it was a funny, yet absolutely searing and zinging critique of our society.

4. Toy Story 3 – talks about what will happen to the toys when Andy goes to college. Maybe it was because I saw it when I was pregnant with Gabby; however I cried at parts because it tapped into memories that I had about growing up, leaving things behind and touched the worries and fears that I have about my kids someday moving far away.

5. Monsters, Inc. – because the relationship between “Boo” and “Kitty” is just super cute and she looks like Gabby!


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