This weekend…

…was just a really nice weekend.  LOOK!:

ImageThat’s my grandma with her great grandkids and they LOVED every minute they spent at her house, seeing her. And I’m sure that she loved every minute too.  On Friday night, we drove down there. We left at about 7 and got to my parents’ place at about 11 which isn’t bad all things considered. Much of the traffic had cleared out by the time we got to what would be the more congested areas and the kids slept for the last half of the trip.  This is both a good thing and a bad thing because it meant that they were wide awake from about 11 until midnight, until they calmed down. It also meant that mommy and daddy were super exhausted the next day. I was so tired that I slept on the couch with Gabby while she took her nap. We both passed out watching Forrest Gump – that should show you how tired we really were.

Then, that evening, we visited my aunt and uncle and cousins at their home in Huntington. The only people that weren’t there were my aunt, uncle and cousins because they are in Europe – I mean really?!  The house in Huntington was beautiful and has apparently been under construction for the last year or two.  It has come along so nicely – I was particularly impressed by the kitchen and the open office structure that they had on the second floor. Gabby and Nate had a great time with their cousins, and they spent a ton of time running around the backyard and playing video games. Nate had so much fun, that he wanted to sleep over.  I had fun sitting by this:


WE also watched the basketball game – which resulted in a Cuse win and them moving to the final four, although that was eclipsed by the Duke/Louisville game tragedy. It’s absolutely horrific viewing – which I saw live action the following night (and which resulted in a gasp, yelp and tears for me – having had a bad fracture – though not as bad as his!).  I just hope that he is ok and makes it back to the court.  

That was my weekend…and this week is back to the grind and the stress. 



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