Spring has Sprung!!

It’s finally spring and I can tell because I have started taking pictures like this:

ImageI went for my workout there yesterday in part because trail running is easier on my ankle – it’s more cushioned as opposed to the pounding that inevitably happens when I go running on the street. I also went there in part to scope out the trails because I want to put my daughter in the backpack and start walking/hiking with her again so that when the end of May rolls around, or even sooner (perhaps the weekend before our Disney vacation), I can start doing short hikes with her and then the longer hikes. The trails weren’t that bad actually. There were one or two spots that were really muddy and where I had to be a bit more careful (I’m so not afraid of mud in and of itself) but other than that, the route that I would have taken with her on my back wasn’t that bad at all.  Tomorrow, I want to bring her out with me for a hike/walk. We would have gone today but the winds would have made the trek absolutely miserable for the kids, so instead, we opted to make a Syracuse Spirit Cake:



The boys in Orange are playing tonight and I’m hoping for the win. It would be awesome to see them take on rival Louisville in the Final.  I remember being at law school at Syracuse in late March and early April of 2003 – Izzy came to visit me that weekend and we all went to a bar to watch the Final Four game.  People were so hyped up and excited and then, when they won two days later (it was a Tuesday) – we were all glued to the TV at 913 Ackerman Ave like it was no one’s business. I lived in that house with three other girls – two other law students and a master’s student (Yay Trace Face!!) and it was located in a student ghetto.  We were literally a 10 minute walk from the Syracuse University Main Campus and a 10 – 15 minute drive from Armory Square in Downtown Syracuse (although we were also known to start off our Fridays at Faegan’s, the best Irish pub ever and a stone’s throw away from the Main Campus). Once the final buzzer went off, everyone went crazy – all of the homes around us were filled with students living off campus and they all emptied into the streets.  And then, people started dragging their furniture into the street and lighting it on fire. I had never seen anything like it before in my life and probably won’t again. That being said I still would love to see another national title!!



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