Well I love that dirty water…

…yeah, Boston you’re my home.  I’ve been living this for the last 5 days:


I felt so many things – and they were all really similar to 9/11. In some ways it felt worse.  Marathon Monday when I was in college was always like a holiday.  We were right at mile 13, so there was an element of pride and cheer. It was truly a party atmosphere – bands, picnics and watching the runners.  We were affectionately dubbed screech alley because we had the best cheerers. So this bombing completely stole those happy moments from me.  Then there was the sheer terror of the experience for the people that lived through it and the deaths that followed – a total of 4 (3 from the day of the incident and the fourth from Friday when an officer from MIT was shot and killed). I had walked down Boylston Street hundreds of times when I went to college in the area and even recently, with my children. This was supposed to be a happy day for everyone and it ended up being just plain awful.

The week felt like we were all walking on eggshells although I don’t think that we realized it until everything culminated on Friday evening. Pictures of the suspects were released on Thursday and I thought for sure that we would have leads to hear about on Friday. Definitely nothing crazy.  Oh boy though…i woke up Friday morning and turned the TV on. I hadn’t had any coffee yet so it didn’t quite register that the press was talking about how the suspects had fired gunshots at MIT, executed an MIT police officer, carjacked a car, released a hostage 30 minutes later, tried to rob a grocery store and then got into a shootout with officers in Watertown, resulting in the death of one of the suspects, the injury to another officer and the escape of the other suspect.  This resulted in a massive lockdown of all of Watertown, boston, Cambridge and most of the suburbs surrounding them, closure of all MBTA buses and trains, closure of AMTRAK service and restrictions on flights leaving Logan. Eventually the suspect was located, injured in a pool of blood and in the back of a boat. It seemed just surreal…like I was watching a movie that I was participating in to some extent.

I’m now at a point that i’m almost morbidly curious. I want to know so much more about the people that were involved from the people that lost their lives to the people that did this.  I want to know why.


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