In Memoriam



Amazing how a tragedy like the Boston Marathon Bombing makes you willing to go out and be active. This past week, I have been running more and i have started using the RipDeck App on the days that I do my running program. Over the weekend, the kids and I did the first real hike (not nature walk!) of the season. We climbed here – the Sothern one. It was the perfect hike. The trailhead is pretty easy to find: the GPS got the kids and I to the mountain road and then got confused as to where the parking lot was.  However, the road itself actually dead ended into the trailheads. We elected to take the winding trails to the top – that trail was well maintained and well-marked.  It was also very well travelled – we saw many other hikers going to the top with dogs and children.  The view wasn’t that bad either although I didn’t like the fact that there were a TON of cell towers there:



The day was perfect and the hike was a good one for families. We ended by going down the shorter path – it took less time; however the trail was much steeper and not nearly as well maintained.  There were loose rocks all over the place that made me scared that I was going to turn my ankle or that my kids were going to fall down.  This week, I’m hoping to do Mt. Major with the kids and maybe Mt. Monandnock on my own. 


2 thoughts on “In Memoriam

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