We were at the Happiest Place on Earth last week, so not much was accomplished besides walking around massively crowded parks in the absolute heat.  I guess I shouldn’t say that – I was relaxed for once on vacation (or as relaxed as I could be) and my sister in law brought her family with her.  Nate and Gabby were so excited. Nate was so excited that he was up at 4:30 – much more before the alarm went off for us to get to Manchester for our 7 AM flight. He came in and woke us up to tell us that we had to get ready to go. We stayed here, which provided us with extra sleeping space. There was a master bedroom downstairs.  Inthe living room area, the couch pulled out.  There were two full baths downstairs – one in the master bath and the other off the main living room and kitchen area.  Upstairs there were two more bedrooms, both of which had two double beds and their own full bathrooms.  There was a loft as well that had a TV and pullout couch. The kids all were in one bedroom with the exception of Gabby, who slept in our room.  The adults had their own rooms, again with the exception noted.  I think that the only glitches happened on the way home:  I had a wicked bad sinus infection that was beginning to wreak havoc on my ears en route. I did have a script for antibiotics but had forgotten to pack it – my own fault and I suffered miserably for it.  I’m feeling much better today since I was able to take a nice long nap yesterday. Also, Izzy’s bag literally got mauled en route. Apparently, the luggage handlers at Orlando’s airport dragged his suitcase on the tarmac all the way from the terminal to the plane.  And then, they proceeded to pick up the parts and put it all in a plastic bag for us to pick up when we got home.  We literally got there and were like “WTF” because it looked like a wild animal had gotten a hold of the bag and ripped it and its entire contents apart.  There were only like two things that were salvageable.  Izzy ended up getting a new piece of luggage and cash to replace ALL of the clothing that he lost in the process.  Needless to say, I’m less than thrilled about having to fly THAT particular airline again.

In the few days I’ve been back, I’ve tried to recover from vacation. That  has included naps, antibiotics, sifting through mail and blogs and getting back to work. We also planted our garden:



There are peppers, two different types of tomatoes and two watermelon plants. I’m experimenting with the watermelons. I’m not sure how well they will do, but I’m willing to try. Last year the tomatoes rocked but the pumpkins didn’t do so well.  The year before the strawberries didn’t do well either.  So I wanted to try something new.  

Surprisingly, I’m doing all right post-vacation. I normally get really down about returning to the normal humdrum of life but this time it’s different. I think it’s for a few reasons:

  • I felt ready to come home, in part because I wasn’t feeling well and I was tired. Seven days seemed to be enough in Disney and I was really happy to have a few days to recover.
  • I actually wanted to get back to work and my “normal” life. I came home with big plans – hiking, writing, blogging, reading, hanging with the kids when I could.  

That’s where I’ve been. Sorry to have been so quiet lately…


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