Father’s Day…

…can best be summarized by this book:


I have so wanted to get this book and read it with the kids since I heard about it.  It was so funny.  I think that anyone that has children and has watched Star Wars will appreciate it’s humor. 

For father’s day, I wanted to go on a hike – I’m obsessed with hiking if yo couldn’t tell. My husband and son aren’t too into it (although with my son, it more depends on the day and the most difficult part of the battle is getting him ot of the place and keeping him motivated.  It’s hard to say because I am ashamed to say; I don’t know what will keep him motivated). We went to Pack Monadnock and hings seemed to be going well ’til we got about halfway to the top and then my daughter had a complete and utter meltdown. She had been walking and I had the big old back pack.  i offered her the option of going into the pack and then she said yes and then no. So we walked on a bit further and nothing wold comfort her. So we ended the trip by returning to the car, with her in the pack and screaming in my ear the whole way – not the way I wanted to end it; however better than nothing. 

The day ended with s making cake for the hubby and a good dinner and then relaxing for the rest of the night. Off to watch the rest of the hockey game…and hope my co workers are happy come the morning. 


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