Welch Dickey and a big Step





My daughter and I took another hike together this past weekend. It was our first hazy,hot and humid hike of the season and was the first break in a week’s worth of rain and thunder storms.  We hiked Welch- Dickey in the NAtional Forest. We got off the highway at Exit 28 and drove towards Waterville Valley – the nearest town to the trailhead is Thornton, NH. The hike itself would have been wonderful if it hadn’t been nearly as slippery.  We attained Welch Mountain’s summit without too much of a problem.  However, attaining the summit of Dickey would prove to be more elusive.  The vast majority of the half mile trek up to the Dickey summit is bald stone face and it was really slick because of the rainwater draining down the face of the rock. Because of the slickness and the degree of climb, we ended up turning around and going back to the car, not completing the loop.  Maybe when Gabby is a little older we will return and do the whole loop.  


On another note, I think that I took a big step today in my life. I purchased my first Bible – it’s geared specifically towards mothers.  I’ve never been what you would call a religious or spiritual person but I’m at a point in my life where I’ve hit a little bit of a wall in how to improve myself as a person and I really want to improve.  So I got one. I’ve also been getting books out from the library about self improvement and spirituality – everything from Wicca to Catholicism.  I just want to become a better person – I’m not sure that going to church services would work because I’ve never been one for having someone tell me what someone else’s words mean or say although I love discussing what I read and my thoughts on it as well as everyone else’s thoughts on it.  My goal is to spend thirty minutes a day reading and meditating – writing in my personal journal etc. If anyone can recommend some good books on spirituality and all that Jazz please leave me a comment.  


2 thoughts on “Welch Dickey and a big Step

  1. Surprised by Joy by C.S. Lewis is good. It is his conversion story. You probably already know that he was raised with religion (if I remember right), became a staunch atheist, and then the famous apologist. It is very short, but I found it to be very good. The beginning is interesting too about his childhood–how the children’s stories came about.

    You may have been looking for something different, but that is one of the first that popped into my head. I am interested in seeing what other suggestions you get (to see if there is something I want to read!).

    Love the photos!

    Kate @ BJJ, Law, and Living

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