I’ve been on vacation since Saturday. Monday and Tuesday were washes, literally with everything from loss of power in some parts of the state to flash floods and tornado warnings for others.  I mainly nursed this injury, which I realized that I had probably on Monday:


It isn’t even that bad looking – it’s an abrasion surrounded by a pretty big bruise.  I’m fairly sure that I got it hiking on Saturday with Gabby. I didn’t notice it ’til recently because it doesn’t even really hurt at all.  Today was the first nice day that we’ve had in a few days, so I hiked Pack Monadnock, my go-to hike.  It took me a good 1hor and fifteen to do 2.8 miles round trip.  I’m slowly getting there.  The heat and humidity kill me however. This weekend I’m hoping to do Lafayette or another 4000 footer with my husband – the kids are visiting my parents and are wicked excited. This gives my husband and I enough time to do things that we wouldn’t normally do – housekeeping, hiking and going to a wedding are the things that we want to accomplish this weekend.



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