Hi! I’m the local…

…resident peakbagger at your service! On Friday, I decided that I had to attempt to complete something that was on my bucket list: do the entire Franconia Ridge loop.  It is 8.9 miles of sheer beauty and exhaustion. I started on the Bridle Path, figuring that I wold want the coolness of the waters of the Falling Waters Path on the way down. This was one view that I had on the way and the majority were like this:


My first stop was the AMC Greenleaf Ht, located at 4200 feet. I love the AMC huts. The ones that I have seen are always pristinely clean and neat and ready for the next people to sleep there. The staff is also really friendly and passionate about working there.  See the below pictures:



I rested there and filled my water bottles because it was so hot! Then continued on.  I trekked the last mile to Mt. Lafayette and smmited!  The majority of the hike was in the alpine territory, above the treelike. Here’s a view of one of the cairns and of the view from the summit. In the distance, yo can see the top of Cannon Mtn.


And one last one:


There are a number of suggestions that I can make based on the hike that I completed: it’s so important to be prepared.  That means doing the research before yo go on the hike because knowledge is power. For all intents and purposes, this was a 9 mile hike and it took me around 8 hors to complete. Make sre that yo have enough water – there was a family that I followed for around a quarter of a mile near the initial descent where one of the party was dehydrated and cramping and where they were going to probably going to have to med flight off the peak.  Seriously, be prepared. Also, don’t hike something beyond the ability level that yo possess. This was one where I wouldn’t bring my kids on the hike because it was too hard and too long.


On Satrday, I went to a wedding at the Bedford Village Inn. It was so nice – and the couple were absolutely fantastic.  Here’s some of the decorations:



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