I’ve been missing…

…last week was a hard week. Everyone in my family has been sick in some way.  Nate had a really bad ear infection and today, we learned that Izzy has strep throat. I’m now worried re: Gabby because last week, on Wednesday, she had a fever. Granted it lasted only one day; however, I’m not sure if she has strep or not.  Is it strep if she has no fever?!  So I now have to call the doctor tomorrow to see if they want her to come in.


The heat wave finally broke last night.  It was dry and cool today when I brought the kids to the Cannon Mountain Aerial tram. We got there early enough that we missed all the big crowds and got right on the tram. The kids loved it. It wasn’t too hot and Nate was so excited. Since NAte was excited, Gabby was too since she seems to feed off of his energy.  They loved the tram and the little loop around the summit. They were also fascinated by the fact that people often ski down that part of the mountain and that they cold see the actual trails without snow on them. I think that next week, I will attempt Cannon or Garfield in my quest to attain all 48 4000 footers. Either way, I think that the next few weekends are going to be one of three: Garfield, Kinsmans (both) and/or Cannon.  I’m dedicated in my quests I tell ya!

I think that, on another note, Nate was super impressed by the skiing aspect of it.  I was surprised by how much he had taken to skiing over the winter – he loved both going to the hill in Manchester and then going a bit bigger at Pat’s Peak.  I’m hoping to have both of them skiing them winter and I want to take a day trip to Cannon on a Friday or Thursday or a day that I know that I can get a discount for being local. I now realize how spoiled I was when I lived in Littleton and wish that I had taken more advantage. Don’t get me wrong – I did a TON of skiing and was allowed to take a half a day mid week on more than one occasion so that I could sneak a few runs in midweek, when no one else but the locals were taking advantage of the mint ski conditions. I want to share that with my children when they’re old enough.

I was able to share some of my life in the North Country with my children because before we drove home, we visited Chutter’s – the home of the longest candy counter that my children have ever seen! We also visited where mommy lived while she was there and they liked that too.


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