Summer Weekends…

…are my favorite without a doubt.  I mean, weekends themselves generally rock; however I find that my summer weekends are so much more fun than my fall or spring weekends.  They are only really rivaled by the winter weekends when I can go skiing with my children.  For instance, this weekend, here is a sampling of what we did.

On Saturday, I hiked Cannon Mountain, making it the 4th official peak over 4000 feet that I have hiked (although Little Haystack comes in at over 4000 feet, it isn’t on the AMC list of 4000 footer qualifiers because it stands less than 200 ft (61 m) above the col on the ridge from Lincoln.). If you count it, then I’ve done 5 in my lifetime. I have 44 left to go – I want to do the Kinsmans and Garfield this season. If I am successful, I will have completed seven of the 48. There were at least two different routes that I could have taken in summiting Cannon.  I opted to take the Lonesome Lake trail beginning at the Lafayette Place Campground, to the Hi Cannon Trail to the Kinsman ridge Trail going up. On the way down, I took the Kinsman Ridge trail all the way down to the Lonesome Lake Trail, which took me a part of the way around the Lake and then down to the Lafayette Place Campground.  This was at the recommendation of a friend of mine that has done a lot of hiking and she was right.  The Hi Cannon trail, while steep, had good views and would have been so scary for me to come down because the views would have disoriented me.  I had to climb this:

Imageto get to the top of the shelf so that I might continue on. There was sheer rock on both sides of it – so it was the only way up and if I looked down, there was no way that I was going to make it.  If were going down the ladder, I would have been paralyzed with fear.  However, going up, I was able to focus my attention on my feet, the rock in front of me and the ledge above me so I was able to make it.  I also was able to catch this view of the Lonesome Lake hut, which I have dreams of spending the night at with my family in the future, as I was traversing the Hi-Cannon Trail



Then, today, we went to Canobie Lake Park. It’s an amusement park literally thirty minutes away from where we live. Nothing crazy. We did see a tribute show to Bieber of all people – which I can’t understand. What do people see in that kid anyways? He’s nothing great in my mind. Then again, I haven’t been a 14 year old girl in over 20 years. 


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