…is now taboo in this home.  So, last week, the family came down with strep throat and we were all prescribed some form of penicillin. For me, I had penicillin. For Nate, he had Augmentin because he had an ear infection too and Gabby and Izzy had amoxicillin. Since yesterday, Gabby has had these pink dots all over her body – a little bit raised – they are more like bug bites then anything else. They aren’t clear or filled with pus or anything like that and she’s not really itching.  So, this morning it was bad – all down her legs and on her chest and arms, so we had to bring her to the doctor.  The doctor quickly diagnosed her as having an allergy to Amoxicillin.  ::sigh:: Great. With three days of antibiotics left, he had to change the antibiotic to a non penicillin based one and we have to give her allergy medications to make sure that the hives go away.  Here’s to hoping that it goes away quickly because shuffling stuff around to allow me to care for a sick child simply doesn’t work.

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