It’s Fall!


You know it’s fall when you start seeing colors like this. I saw this tree on my walk last week so I snapped a picture of it.  The weather has been changing too – it gets cooler more quickly and the temperatures during the day aren’t as high or as humid. I generally love this time of year and generally (at least until this year) have good memories of this time of year. This season has been really rough on me for reasons that aren’t appropriate to get into now or here and now, with the days getting shorter and it being darker when I get up in the morning, it’s harder.  A positive is that I’ve been getting back to what makes me healthy – journalling, lots of reading and attempting to exercise more – walking and I’m getting back to spinning this week. I’m hoping to do a few sort hikes in the weeks coming up.

What I do love about this time of year is apple picking, which we did last weekend. We went to the Currier Farms here in town. Needless to say, I have a ton of apples now that I’m trying to figure out what to do with. I’ve already made apple pie and I think that I’m going to try to make applesauce this week.  I don’t want to make apple crisp – the kids don’t seem to like it all that much – so if anyone has any recipes, that would be much appreciated.


Our weekends during the fall are extremely busy. For instance, yesterday, (Saturday), I was up at 6:30 care of my daughter. I then got her fed, watched the movie Brave, showered, went grocery shopping, went out to lunch with my family, went to my son’s soccer game, then to a birthday party. I was on the go from 10 until we got home at seven last night. I pretty much crashed out last night at 10, which is early for me on a Saturday but I was exhausted. Yesterday, I was up again quite early because my daughter got me up to have a picnic with her. We then put dinner in the crock pot and got ready for the day (which was interspersed by a spat with my husband). We then went to the mall with Nate and got some new fall clothes (mommy loves shopping for her children, sometimes too much). We also had lunch at Red Robin and then came home where we made apple pie and hung out.  Hanging out means that we made and had dinner and cleaned up, attempted (unsuccessfully) to nap and then took a bath after watching part of the Wizard of Oz.  Oh, do I miss the days when I could get away with watching football and reading for classes…


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