Daylight Savings Time…

…otherwise known as why I love gaining an hour but why I hate losing that hour on my birthday. I love having extrea time in the day and I’ma morning person, so the extra hour of daylight in the morning makes things a little easier for me when I wake up and get to work. I’m hoping that I can now get motivated to get up early to exercise a bit before work so that it frees up some time for me after work.  My days are so jam packed that by the time that I get home and the kids are in bed, it’s 8:30 or 9 on some nights and I’m exhausted. I also like the extra hour of darkness in the evening; there’s something about that hour, especially in the winter time that makes things inside seem so cozy.  I like curling up on the couch and crocheting (which I’ve been doing a lot lately with Christmas coming up and babies being born) or drinking tea and reading or watching TV.  The other side of it is that depression is rife during this time, particularly in February when the winter might not ever seem like it’s going to end.


We also just had a fabulous Halloween, that was not marred by snow.  The last few years, it has snowed and the Town has actually postponed Trick or Treating because it was too dangerous to go out.  The heavy wet snow would bring down the leaves, which would add weight to power lines and bring them down too.  Nothing like live wires to literally and figuratively put a damper on things.  Anyways, this year we had Trick or Treat on Halloween even though it rained:


This year, we had a Batman and a fairy.  And that pumpkin, yeah, Nate carved that with his dad.  I think that I have a budding artist in the making.  This weekend was also our first weekend in about two months without soccer.  We got a lot done, including shopping and lawn care that was sorely needed after the winds this past week.  Before you know it, the Elf on the Shelf will be out!


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