The Times They Are a Changing

So I went for a run in my old neighborhood this morning and I ended up being completely discombobulated.  I went across the street and ran through a cul-de-sac and into my old elementary school, which has an access easement to the street at that point. It seems so   much smaller than I had remembered it being – which in and of itself wasn’t what threw me for a loop. I mean, spatially, things are so much bigger for a 5 year old than they are for a 34 year old right?  What threw me for a loop were the other changes that I saw.  For instance, there is now a baseball field where we used to play soccer during lunch. The place where the “new equipment” was(yes we called it that – when it was new in like 1988) had been changed into a sitting area/mini park.  There were houses that had been completely re-done (with second stories added) and one home had these statues of lions outside of them that were taller and wider than me (really, for a middle income suburb, do you really need something that gaudy?!). I was used to a certain level of these sculptures since the area that I grew up in had many Italian and Greek immigrants (and these things are almost par for the course here). 

When I was growing up, there was a shelter/long term residential treatment program not too far from where I grew up. It was a huge amount of property right on a main street. Today, I saw that it had been sold and was now a gated, 55+ community.  Apparently, it was sold for like $20 million by the Salvation Army, who had owned and run the program in question. I also noticed, in my wanderings, I also noticed that a property that I had gone by everyday had also been sold. What had been noticeable was that this was a ranch home that had been set very far back from the street, which is unusual for this area – the homes hug the street pretty much.  This one had over one acre of land and a tremendous front yard. ANd it was sold for I don’t know how much, the house torn down, the lawn ripped up, a new street created and ten, cookie cutter homes created in its stead.  It was upsetting that such nice property was essentially sold and then cookie cutter homes replaced it.  It was a bit of the history of that street and that town gone forever because, let’s face it, unless it’s right in your face, people aren’t going to give a hoot about history like that.



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