Weird Dreams

I had the weirdest dream last night.  I was at a soccer tournament in Canada.  I think that it was either in Ottawa or in Montreal – I’ve been to both and it could have been either of them. We were in a dorm like room at the top floor of a dorm like building in the middle of the city.  There were beds all out in the open. I remember having some role of leadership – perhaps the assistant coach – because I kept having to switch things in and out of bags.  There was also some component of my job because I had files and witnesses as well.  At one point, during daylight but before a game, the Canadian version of a swat team came up. I had been changing on the floor and according to the lead officer, someone had called because they thought that there was something wrong. I ended up getting arrested because they seized something that they believed could contain drug residue.  They also assumed I was guilty because I requested that the American attorneys that I was with to help me.  They said that this was unusual because of “cultural differences” but really how many cultural differences could there have been?It’s not like a difference between America and China, say. It was just weird…


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