Showers and the 4th!

So last week, the kids and I were here:



It’s Noyack Bay in the hamlet of Noyack, NY. The closest towns that people know about are Shelter Island and Sag Harbor. We were here when Arthur was here, which made the actual Fourth a complete washout.  However, Saturday and Sunday were absolutely amazing.  We went to the ocean on Sunday and the kids got to catch blue clawed crabs (which we let loose – no animal killing here). Gabby absolutely freaked out – those things can be quite scary when they’re scuttling around.  

This weekend, I was back in NY for Jess’ bridal shower.  We were at the Metropolitan Bistro in Sea Cliff.  I can’t believe that my little sister is getting married. It felt surreal but nice. She couldn’t be marrying a nicer guy and there was a great turnout. I hope that she was happy.  🙂 


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