Wow, it’s been a while and I guess that you could almost assume that I left this blog to die. But I didn’t. Lots of things have happened over the last few months that have absolutely consumed me:

1. I have moved to a new place. This has entailed moving big items, setting up utilities and internet and beginning to unpack. It has also entailed beginning redecorate.

2. I coached an insane amount of soccer teams this past fall – two rec teams, a middle school team and a travel team.  I’m very proud of all of them; however my middle school team made it all the way to the finals so wonderful for them!

3. Work of course continues to dominate as does parenting.  The good news is that I’m back and looking to maintain this blog a bit more.  My goal is 2-3 posts per week, which I think is reasonable under the circumstances.



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