Merry Christmas

Much has happened since I last posted but I have been absolutely remiss in posting about it.  So I’m going to bullet point it for everyone and promise to keep everyone posted going forward:

  • My Middle School Team made it to the final but lost.  We took second in the STate – not bad for my first season and for the girls! I realize that I have a passion for coaching and was reminded of my passion for soccer when I began my licensing courses. I have attained my USSF E License and am looking forward to going further and further in the process.
  • I have moved into my own place near work.  Love it. The only drawback is that a pipe burst over Thanksgiving and I’m having lots of work done to try to have it fixed.  My carpets in the kids’ rooms are now in. Yay!!
  • Christmas was a success. I made a full dinner, including a ham and potatoes (thank you – you know who you are!). And it was Nate’s birthday. Everything went well.

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