Vaccines, Weather and Why Calling Uncle is a Complete Possibility

Living in the Northeast, particularly Northern New England, has it’s trials and tribulations just like anywhere else. I generally can’t complain. We don’t have the devastating earthquakes or tsunamis that other places have, nor do we have the tornadoes that other places have.  We also don’t bear the brunt of hurricanes for the most part, because by the time they reach us, they’re petering out. But but the one thing that we do get is frigid cold and lots of snow.  This winter seems to have brought more snow in such a short period of time, which makes it overwhelming and frustrating and strains the resources.  Since January 27, 2105, the area that I live in has received around three feet of snow depending on where you are. Sme places have received closer to four feet.

Yesterday though, before the most current system dumped like two feet on us (yes, two feet, you read that right), I was running around running errands and I saw these two fools:


What I love about living here is that there’s a combination of farming still left over from the “old days” and modern, suburbia (think outlet shopping).  We have a ton of nature preserves too which makes for great walks with my kids. I am thinking about doing a snow shoe walk tomorrow down to Wildcat Falls actually if it’s not terribly cold. Wind chills and I don’t get along.

In anticipation of the snow melting in May or June, we’ve planted some seedlings.  These are gren beans and they’re already sprouting! Later on today, after I get done with laundry I’m going to plant more – tomatoes, melons, herbs and some flowers.



There has been a lot in the news lately about vaccines and anti-vaxxers in light of the measles outbreak at Disneyland. I am a very firm believer in vaccination.  I have found that a lot of anti-vaxxers believe that vaccinations cause things like autism. However, there has been no well established link between vaccinations and autism – the one study that was out there was utterly debunked. Vaccinations on the other hand have been shown to reduce the number of deadly diseases that are out there. It also increases herd immunity. With all due respect to my non vax friends, I respect your decision but my ultimate responsibility is to my children, so I probably won’t let them play with yours until I know it’s safe to.  Just saying.


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