Dear Cheryl

Dearest Cheryl:

It’s been a few weeks since you passed and since I attended your memorial service at the chapel. It was the most perfect place to have a memorial service for YOU – if you were alive, you would have loved it. In fact, I will bet that you loved it when you WERE alive and that’s why we were all there to celebrate your life. It was a beautiful service, and we all cried because we missed you and for Jill and Katie.

Your passing has been both bittersweet and palpable.  You had a tremendous chi – your energy filled up the room when you walked into it and you touched everyone’s lives that you touched, almost always for the better. I know that you touched mine in a very positive way – when I came to the office in 2006, you welcomed me with open arms.  You made me laugh on bad days at the office and we shared the tough times together. We grew fond of the same clients.You came to my home and to my son’s Christening (when he clapped his hands at all who came).  And you supported me through the dark days of the passing of my relationship – a different sort of separation from yours but one in which the grieving was the same.  We even went to see Brad together!!

I haven’t always been a good friend and for that I’m sorry.  But I tried and I will continue to try now by seeing what I can do to help Jill and Katie.  You will be sorely missed but I hope, pray and believe that you’re in a better place.

Love, Melissa


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