is always the best time of the year for me.  I love the fall, especially in New England. Last weekend, I really wanted to the Highland Games, but my children play soccer and the day I was going to go, Saturday, they had games and pictures so I was out of luck.  I especially love the North Country.  I miss living up there…

I did get my fill a few weeks ago though:


My boyfriend (!!!) and I went to the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves. Even though I lived up there, I had never been to this particular gorge. I’ve been to the Flume, which is quite impressive. I enjoyed this one too. We even wen tot the Woodstock Inn and Brewery. For the first time in weeks, I felt myself really relaxing. Just relaxing.  There’s something about being in a place that you love and feel at home in, with good, genuine company that makes you feel relaxed and reassured that everything will work out.  Here’s my favorite picture from the weekend:


I’m dead set on bringing my kids up there not next weekend, but the weekend after. They’d love the caves and I went through them so I know that I can do them.  The only one that I didn’t do was the Lemon Squeeze but I have no doubts that I can manage.

That weekend, I also went to breakfast with my family at the Hollis Country Kitchen. They have these amazing skillet breakfasts that are to die for, including ones with Kielbasa (yes, Polish roots outweigh any sort of vegetarian or pescatarian tendencies I may have!).  Anyways, little did I know but they have a vineyard there:


My life has been very busy and in somewhat of a private turmoil recently – nothing that I can into now – but stay posted because I’m sure that there will be changes announced shortly!


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