Huge News Week

So we are at my parents’ house this weekend in Connecticut.  Even though we arrived yesterday, we will be leaving today because Nate has school tomorrow – even though it’s President’s day. It’s a pretty easy drive all things considered.

But the really big news this week is that Justice Scalia has passed away. I can’t begin to tell you how huge this is for me, on both a distanced and political level as well as a personal level. He’s been on the Supreme Court for as long as I can remember having been appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1986, when I was 7. I don’t remember his confirmation hearings (the first confirmation hearings I remember was Clarence Thomas’ in 1991 (thanks to Anita Hill.  I’m surprised he wasn’t “Borked” as a result – HAHA). In Law School, he was highly heralded as the rock star champion of the Federalist Society and the originalists. On a more personal note, a few years back, one of my cases was at the US Supreme Court and I went to the argument. It was my first trip to the Court and the case that I had at the trial court level was being argued. So I got to see him in action.

While I may not have agreed with him on just about anything, I did respect him. He is and was VERY smart, even brilliant, in supporting his positions (even though I may not have agreed with him). He has had a distinguished and respected career on the Court and as a practicing lawyer.   He has a family that is mourning  him and will be burying him.  If anything, we should at the barest minimum respect their loss for I’m sure that he was loved by them. Please, please at lest let him be properly buried and mourned before the politicians and media begin speculating about the who, what, when and how Justice Scalia will be replaced – out of the barest modicum of decency, humanity and respect.


On Tuesday, February 9 we voted in the NH Primary. It’s a big deal- I LOVE politics and have been following everything that has been going on with some interest. We – the kids and I – went to vote at our local polling place. Luckily, we got there super early in the morning. In fact, we were waiting in line to vote at 6:45 AM.  I have never been there that early to vote but I knew that it was going to be very busy.  I got chills when, standing in line, someone sang the National Anthem just as the polls opened.  As this person began to sing, the silence slowly worked its way back towards the end of the line and people listened peacefully and attentively. We then went in to vote. It took me longer to actually leave the polling place than it did to vote.  And look – here’s why! Craziness right!!!


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