April Roundup


April was over yesterday and, in many ways, it was a hard month. At the beginning of the month, the family all got the flu. It started with my son, then eventually spread to me and then to my daughter.  I had to care for her and my son while spiking fevers around 102.  Caring for two sick children while you’re sick yourself does not for a quick recovery make.  But I was feeling well enough to bring the kids to North Conway NH for a few days earlier this week. I had been up there before for day trips but I decided that we would spend the weekend there so that we could relax and not worry about having to rush to get everything in. That’s a picture of Mt. Washington up there, still covered in snow. While we were up there, we stayed at the Red Jacket, MountainView, which we loved. The room was nice and very close to everything – parking, downtown, you name it. And what the kids loved the most was that it had an indoor water park that we took full advantage of.

We also went to Diana’s Baths in the nearby town of Bartlett.  Initially, Nate was not too thrilled about going but quickly warmed up when he saw that there were rocks and boulders that were safe to climb.  As you can see, it was so beautiful out:



Lately, we’ve all still been sick – Nate got a cold and then I got it and now Gabby has it.  I just want to have a week where I’m not sick and everyone else is healthy also!!!


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