I haven’t been updating quite that regularly because life has been happening at full speed and then some.  Soccer season is done.  The Middle School girls’ soccer team had another phenomenal season. They ended up placing second in the regular season, with a regular season record of 8-2.  They made it to the State final for the second year in a row, but lost.  They played really well in that game, so the loss shouldn’t be taken hard at all.  My son’s soccer season is also done. On Saturday, he played in the all-star game and had a blast. He was so excited, he wore his uniform shirt not only the whole day, but to bed that night and all the next day.

On the professional front, I’ve accepted a new job that is completely different than anything that I’ve ever done before.  I’m really excited about the opportunity and the possibilities it affords.  I’ve been prepping for it this week.


I need some advice readers.  The wall below is in my dining room and is woefully bare. I don’t know what to do with it.  To the left is the kitchen and it faces the living room area.  My color scheme is maroon, beige and black with some gold and cream accents thrown in. What do you think I should do?



Weekends are always ….

…Majorly busy. This weekend, I had a soccer game for both of my children – and that usually takes up most of my Saturdays. My so’s game was at 9:30 – I coach their team and my daughter’s game was at 2.  They’re on the same field but the three or so hours in between make for a very weird time period. I can start some things but I definitely can’t get everything done that I want to. I was able to clean out my car, shower, take a run and a shower and that’s about it.

I also had a wonderful birthday party to attend on Sunday – I love the family that I was with. They’ve accepted me wholeheartedly and I appreciate it.  So much more than they probably realize.

Falls in New England


I love autumn in New England. Last weekend, I went apple picking at the Brookdale Fruit Farm in Hollis.  Initially, the kids were reluctant but gradually warmed to it. What that also means, however, is that the days are getting colder and shorter. I do have to say that fall is my favorite but I absolutely cannot stand winter.  It’s so dark all the time and even though I really like skiing, there’s a limit to how much of that you can do.

My soccer team this fall is doing really well. According to the most recent standings, we are in third place with a 4-2 record. It’s amazing to me that the season is nearly half over. Our playoffs begin the third week in October so it’s flying by!

I am still selling ItWorks products, so I’d really appreciate it if you head on over to my website to check it out. Please contact me with any questions you have! And yes, I do use the products and yes, it works. 😉


is always the best time of the year for me.  I love the fall, especially in New England. Last weekend, I really wanted to the Highland Games, but my children play soccer and the day I was going to go, Saturday, they had games and pictures so I was out of luck.  I especially love the North Country.  I miss living up there…

I did get my fill a few weeks ago though:


My boyfriend (!!!) and I went to the Lost River Gorge and Boulder Caves. Even though I lived up there, I had never been to this particular gorge. I’ve been to the Flume, which is quite impressive. I enjoyed this one too. We even wen tot the Woodstock Inn and Brewery. For the first time in weeks, I felt myself really relaxing. Just relaxing.  There’s something about being in a place that you love and feel at home in, with good, genuine company that makes you feel relaxed and reassured that everything will work out.  Here’s my favorite picture from the weekend:


I’m dead set on bringing my kids up there not next weekend, but the weekend after. They’d love the caves and I went through them so I know that I can do them.  The only one that I didn’t do was the Lemon Squeeze but I have no doubts that I can manage.

That weekend, I also went to breakfast with my family at the Hollis Country Kitchen. They have these amazing skillet breakfasts that are to die for, including ones with Kielbasa (yes, Polish roots outweigh any sort of vegetarian or pescatarian tendencies I may have!).  Anyways, little did I know but they have a vineyard there:


My life has been very busy and in somewhat of a private turmoil recently – nothing that I can into now – but stay posted because I’m sure that there will be changes announced shortly!

Speedy Summers and Recent Developents

This summer has absolutely flown by. Correction, August has flown by.  There were a lot of vacations this August staring with trips to Sag Harbor:


That pic above was taken on the Cross Sound Ferry.The kids had a blast with the grandparents and aunt and uncle while they were there.  We also took a trip to DisneyWorld down in Florida:

2015-08-15 11.06.05

The kids had a blast. Not surprisingly, Gabby liked the Magic Kingdom and Nate liked Epcot.  What was surprising was that they both really loved the Test Track Ride at Epcot.  That ride was one that Nate specifically asked to go on and he usually doesn’t ask for stuff, so I really wanted to make it happen.  I was really worried that Gabby wouldn’t be tall enough to go on it because te height requirement was 40 inches and if that was the case, I was going to have meltdowns of epic proportions on both sides.  Luckily, Gabby made the height requirement and we designed our own car and went on a great ride.  I’m a nerd – Epcot is my favorite too – even though I totally got teary when we got to the Magic Kingdom and were walking down Main Street.  I have such nice memories of when I was there as a kid and I was hoping that I could give and was giving that to my children.

We stayed at Boardwalk Villas – a one bedroom villa.  And we’re planning our next trip for December of 2016.


Summer has also brought some sadness. One of our friends is in the hospital and not doing well.  I’m praying and hoping for him.  Most of the people who are friends with him know who I’m talking about  I’m getting a care package together this weekend to be sent up to the hospital in Lebanon next week. If anyone wants to contribute something, please contact me through FB and we can figure out a way for you to get your contributions to me.



Another big development is that I’ve become involved with ItWorks.  I love their products – I use Thermofit, Confianza and FatFighter regularly and I’m expanding to the Greens. They have a variety of NATURAL products, including wraps, for everyone’s lifestyle.  Please go here to check out the catalog.  I plan on (hopefully) doing some product a day stuff and some online parties to spread the word.  Since I started on my journey to a new and healthier me, I have found that these products have helped me have the energy to stay on the path and with soccer season starting up, I need all the help that I can get.


Summer for me is officially over even though the kids don’t start school until after Labor Day.  I start middle School soccer on Monday with tryouts.  That means long, intense days even though the season itself is pretty short.  I don’t have a travel team this season (last year, I did) so my weekends will be used to recover somewhat and I am going to ahve the excuse of long periods of time to be spent outside in the sun (Yay Vitamin D).  I also have to say that the girls end up being like adoptive daughters to me because I spend so much time with them.  I’m very excited about it!!

Why I’m going to be writing more

Since I’ve moved into my new condo, I’ve been working on creating my own space for things like writing and reading that are separate from the spaces that the kids have.  It took me a few months, but I think that I’ve finally nailed it down:


It truly was a team effort. The decision as to the type of piece was made by myself and my partner and it was put together by my partner (thank you so much!!!).  The children helped me to pick out the lights, the decorations and the chairs.  Now that I have a space where there aren’t any distractions, there is a hope that I can create more writing and do more work!  Yay!

Dear Cheryl

Dearest Cheryl:

It’s been a few weeks since you passed and since I attended your memorial service at the chapel. It was the most perfect place to have a memorial service for YOU – if you were alive, you would have loved it. In fact, I will bet that you loved it when you WERE alive and that’s why we were all there to celebrate your life. It was a beautiful service, and we all cried because we missed you and for Jill and Katie.

Your passing has been both bittersweet and palpable.  You had a tremendous chi – your energy filled up the room when you walked into it and you touched everyone’s lives that you touched, almost always for the better. I know that you touched mine in a very positive way – when I came to the office in 2006, you welcomed me with open arms.  You made me laugh on bad days at the office and we shared the tough times together. We grew fond of the same clients.You came to my home and to my son’s Christening (when he clapped his hands at all who came).  And you supported me through the dark days of the passing of my relationship – a different sort of separation from yours but one in which the grieving was the same.  We even went to see Brad together!!

I haven’t always been a good friend and for that I’m sorry.  But I tried and I will continue to try now by seeing what I can do to help Jill and Katie.  You will be sorely missed but I hope, pray and believe that you’re in a better place.

Love, Melissa